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Dear Dr. Eye, I don't really have a question about my eyes, I specifically have a question about BEING an optometrist. Its been my dream job and...
Hi, In both eyes I am experiencing heavy and tight feeling. My right and left eye are tight, pain/ sore eye lids.In my right eyes I am experiencing...
Hi, My eyes are getting red all the time. It's been 12 years and now i am 19 years old it becames worst i know it's hard to heal because it's of...
Hi, My baby boy is 8 month old, I think 1 eye is slightly off, I had him checked at 2 Hospitals in Bangkok and both said he was ok but only did the...
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Most people suffer from one type of eye disorders or another during their lifetime. This website provides you with everything you need to know about all the options which are available to you to treat your eyes so that they become healthy once again.

The information we give you will help you to :

• Discover the causes of dry eyes and the available remedies.
• Explore your options for cataract eye surgery.
• Find out the causes of glaucoma.
• See how the color, shape, size, functions, sensations and position of your eyes can indicate an eye disorder.
• Learn how refractive errors (such as myopia and hyperopia) can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.
• Understand the causes and treatments for diabetic retinopathy.
• Prevent eye redness, itchy eyes and pain and burning eyes.
• Evaluate if laser or Lasik eye surgery is an option for you.

and many more topics of critical importance to you in maintaining optimum eye health.