Angular Blepharitis

By Jan


I think I may have angular blepharitis. The skin along the outside of the left eye, near the folds, is brownish, like a burst blood vessel.

It is exactly where I would put eye makeup. Could this be the cause? Is there a treatment? Should I see a doc, and if so, what kind of doc?






Thanks for your question
Angular Blepharitis is caused by Moraxella Lacunata or Staphylococcus Aureus and sometimes but rarely can be caused by herpes virus.

the signs that you mentioned are typically for Angular Blepharitis and the treatment is usually by Chloramphenicol eye drops or Erythromycin Ointment.

It is advisable to have ocular examination by cornea and anterior segment ophthalmologist because as i mentioned Herpes virus can be a cause and also sometimes blepharitis associated with dry eye and small corneal erosion.

Contaminated Makeup can be a cause of it.



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