Blurred vision after cataract eye surgery

Ocular Surgeries

By P.F.Anatra
(Largo. Florida USA)


I'm 64, Cataract surgery was performed in my left eye in Feb. 2012. It is Jun. 22nd.I am still experiencing; blurred & double vision, eye discomfort and wet & sometime dry eye. Are these common after effect surgery symptoms?



Thanks for your Question
Astigmatism is very common after cataract surgery and it can cause blurred and double vision. Astigmatism can be corrected with eye glasses, contact lenses or simple surgical procedure such as arcuate keratotomy.

Sometimes, tilted intraocular lens can also cause astigmatism.

Dry eyes also common after cataract surgery and can persist for months especially in old people.Artificial tears can be very helpful.

I always advice my patients who had cataract surgery to visit my clinic few months after the cataract surgery for check up and i think you should visit your eye surgeon.



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