Excessive watery eyes, few months after cataract eye surgery.

Ocular Surgeries

My grandmother had cataract eye surgery a few months ago, and has just recently been having excessive watery eyes, she's been using Systane Drops, for a few weeks as recommended by her doctor, but they have not helped, is there anything she can do at home that'll help?


Thanks for your Question

Dry eyes after cataract surgery is very common complication and it is characterized by excessive tearing to overcome the dryness of cornea. Artificial tears can be used to treat this condition such as systane. You can increase the frequency of systane eye drops per day, for example, 4-5 times per day.

After eye surgery in general, the incidence of blepharitis also increases and it can cause dry eyes. Lid hygiene is very important also. Use baby shampoo to wash the eyelashes to treat blepharitis. In case those things weren't helpful, you must visit your eye doctor.

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