How To Remove Contact Lenses
Publish date 06-03-2016

How To Remove Contact Lenses





How To Remove Contact Lenses

To Remove Contact Lenses from your eye, always done it infront of the mirror and make sure that the remover is clean, your eye is wide open and the lens is centered in the eye. The suction cup should be moistened. Gently aligned the suction cup with the contact lens and touch it.

The lens will adhere to the suction cup. Take the lens away from the eye. In case you are using DMV with vented handle, once the suction cup is touching the lens, apply gentle pressure on the handle to create a suction pressure and then remove the lens away from the eye.

In case you are using soft contact lens handler, open your eye widely, make sure that the lens is in the center of your eye, grip smoothly the contact lens with the tip of the handle and remove it away from your eye.

In case that you accidentally touched your cornea and you felt pain, blurred vision, redness, irritation or foreign body sensation, you should contact your eye doctor.

How to clean DMV products?

1- Wash it with warm soapy water.

2- Don’t use harsh chemical and petroleum products.

3- Autoclave but don't autoclave the case.


Always consult your doctor about the remover and if you able to use them or have contraindications.

In case you injured your cornea accidentally, do not wear contact lens and contact your doctor as soon as possible.