Indications of Atropine Eye Drops
Publish date 06-03-2016

Indications of Atropine Eye Drop




What are the indications of Atropine Eye Drop

1- Dilute the eye for fundus examination.

2- Dilute the eye for ocular surgeries like cataract surgery, retina laser surgeries and vitrectomy.

3- In patient with uveitis, to decrease pain through cycloplegia and also to dilute the eye so to inhibit the formation of adhesions between the iris and the lens.

4- In children examination to induce both cycloplegia and mydriasis for refraction. This type of refraction is called cyclo-refraction and is done mainly for children.

5- In case of amblyopia and the child is not cooperative with eye patching. Atropine can be an alternative to patching.

6- In case of blood in the anterior chamber, due to trauma. It can be used to decrease the amount of bleeding.

7- In some types of glaucoma which is called malignant glaucoma.

Contraindications of Atropine Eye Drops

1- To patients who are allergic to belladonna alkaloids.

2- To glaucoma patients especially with angle closure glaucoma,because it can worsen the condition.

3- In patients with known history of sensitivity to atropine. This sensitivity can cause irregular and fast heart rate, dry skin and mouth.

4- Should not be used with soft contact lens because it has benzalkonium which will be participated on the contact lenses causing discoloration of the lens.

5- Should be used with caution when you drive because it can blurred your vision especially for near and also it can make you more sensitive to light. It is advisable not to drive car when you are on atropine.