Indications of Xibrom Eye Drops (Bromday Eye Drops)
Publish date 06-03-2016

Indications of Xibrom Eye Drops (Bromday Eye Drops)




General indications of Xibrom (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) Eye drops in Ocular Diseases


1- Treatment for postoperative inflammation in patients who underwent cataract eye surgeries. This is the main indication for bromfenac sodium.Ocular inflammations signs include; pain, redness, swelling and unusual cells and proteins in the anterior chamber.

2- Prevent intraoperative miosis during cataract eye surgeries.

3- Reduce pain and discomfort in patients who underwent ocular surgeries such as cataract eye surgery and refractive surgeries.

4- Prevention and treatment of macular edema (cystoids macular edema) after cataract surgery.

5- Can be used as adjunctive therapy in treatment of allergic conjunctivitis and anterior uveitis.

Xibrom bottles is supplied in two containers 10 ml and 7.5 container.

How to Use it:

1- One drop/ twice a day for patient who underwent cataract eye surgery, starting 24 hours after the surgery. FDA approved this drug for this indication in 2005.

2- New (bromfenac ophthalmic solution0.09%) called Bromday from Ista Pharmaceuticals' supplemental was approved recently from FDA for once-daily eye drop for post cataract surgery inflammation.

This new eye drops will be launched before the end of 2010 and it will replace Xibrom which is used in a twice daily.