Advantages of Canaloplasty
Publish date 06-03-2016

Advantages of Canaloplasty. Microcatheter for Canaloplasty




Advantages of Canaloplasty​

What are the Advantages of Canaloplasty

1- Non-penetrating, non destructive of eye’s natural drainage system.

2- Well-controlled intraocular pressure.

3- Reduce dependence on expensive Anti-glaucoma medications.

4- Less invasive procedure which lead to quicker recovery and return to daily activities with no limitations.

5- Minimal post-operation management.

6- Low incidence of short and long term complications compared to traditional surgical procedures.

Common complications of traditional procedures are cataract, endopthalmitis,phlebitis,wound leak,hypotony and choroidal hemorrhage and detachments.

What are the Disadvantages of this procedure?

1- More expensive than traditional procedure.

2- The duration of this procedure takes approximately 30 minutes which is slightly longer than trabeculectomy.

3- The learning curve of this procedure required to master the technique.

What are the Complications? 

1- Hyphema which is blood in the anterior chamber of the eye.

2- Detachment of Descemet membrane.

These complications rarely occur.