Post Lasik Peroid
Publish date 06-03-2016

Post Lasik Peroid




Post Lasik Peroid


Post Lasik period is very important. You should restrict to the instructions of your eye doctor.

What are the instructions after Lasik Eye Surgery:

1- Using the eye drops that your doctor gave to you as instructed. These eye drops are:

  • Artificial tears, to help keep your corneal surface moist and lubricated n which it will help healing of the flap

  • Antibiotic eye drop to prevent eye infection

  • Steroid to decrease the inflammation.

  • Sometimes your eye doctor can prescribe pills which will help you to relax and sleep.

2- Follow up with your doctor as instructed.

3- Use eye goggles for the first few days post surgery to decrease the risk of accidental injuries. You should also use them while sleeping to avoid rubbing your eyes while you sleeping.

4- Avoid lotions, soaps, fluids and spray products around your eyes until you are out of infection risk. Those products will increase the rate of corneal infection.

5- Avoid rubbing or touching your eye for at least 1 week post surgery because you might dislocate or move the corneal flap.

6- Do not apply eye makeup either your eyes or on your eye lashes like mascara until you have approval from your doctor to decrease the risk of infection and the risk of accidentally injured your eye.

7- Avoid exercise or contact sports until you have approval from your doctor to decrease the risk of flap dislocation. And after you have the approval it will be better to use eye goggles while contact sports to prevent eye injuries.

8- Avoid using hot tab or swimming pool until you have approval from your doctor and also it will be better to use eye goggles.

9- Always wear sunglasses to protect your eye in general from UV lights.

10- Contact your doctor immediately in case you one of the following symptoms:


  • Eye pain.

  • Blurring of vision.

  • Discharge either yellow or green or even white.

  • Eye redness.

  • Eye lid swelling.

  • Eye injury or Trauma because flap dislocation might occur even with minor trauma during the first few weeks post surgery and before the flap is completely healed.