Side Effects of Xalacom
Publish date 06-03-2016

Side Effects of Xalacom




Side Effects of Xalacom

Xalacom eye drops consists of two components, latanoprost and timolol. Side effects of Xalacom are combination of side effects of these two components.

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xalacom side effects can be divided into mild, moderate and severe. Mild side effects were reported to occur by at least 1% of people. Some of these mild side effects need treatments while other may go away by itself. Moderate and severe side effects are less common but could lead to serious problems. Once you notice any of these side effect or unusual symptoms, you should seek medical attention.

Mild Side Effects of Xalacom

These side effects can occur with most of types of eye drops and they are not specific for Xalacom.

• Dry mouth.

• Dryness of eye.

• Gritting or foreign body sensation.

• Irritation and burning sensation.

• temporary blurred vision after putting in the eye drop.

• Stinging sensation when medication is applied.

• Itchy eyes.

• Eye redness.

• Excessive lacrimation or tearing.

• Headache.




Moderate and Severe Side Effects


• Mainly are systemic side effects. They are uncommon to occur because of the low blood concentration of xalacom after absorption to blood stream but it is helpful to know about them because of the serious outcomes.

• Allergic reactions which includes eye redness, eye lid and conjunctiva swelling, itchy eyes, tongue swelling, difficulty of breathing, skin rash and shock.

• Eyes: Eyelid drooping or ptosis, redness and swelling.

• Tiredness and weakness.

• Ringing or buzzing in the ears.

• Sleeping difficulties (insomnia) and nightmares.

• Mood changes such as depression, anxiety, nervousness and hallucinations.

• Confusion, disorientation or memory loss.

• Gastro-intestinal symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea and anorexia

• Extremities: Raynaud's phenomenon which is the feelings of numbness and tingling with color changes of the skin (white, blue then red) in fingers and toes when exposed to the cold weather.

• Impotence with less desire for sex.

• Muscle and joint pain.

• Chest pain.

• Bradycardia or slow heart rate.

• Palpitation or irregular heart beat.

• Hypotension or low blood pressure which can be manifested as dizziness or light headache.

• Shortness of breath.


If you notice any of these side effects, you should Stop the medication immediately and seek urgent medical attention