Simultaneous Bifocal Contact Lenses
Publish date 06-03-2016

Simultaneous Bifocal Contact Lenses





Simultaneous Bifocal Contact Lenses​

In this type of Presbyopia Contact lens, the patient will look for far and near distance at the same time .It has some difficulties at the beginning but with time, the eye and the brain will learn to choose the correct part of the lens for near or far and ignoring the other part.

Simultaneous Design consists of two types:

A- Aspheric Designs

Both near and far parts are designed at the center of the contact lens and your eye will learned how to ignore the other part when focusing in one part.

B- Concentric Designs

The center of this contact lens is for near and it is surrounded by multiple rings for intermediate and distance vision in multifocal lens or just one ring for far in bifocal lens.

The central part is not always for near vision, the center part can be for far distance while the peripheral parts for the near distance.

The locations of lens powers will change according to multi factors such as lifestyles, pupil size and type of contact lens.

Patient with small pupil will have better outcomes if the central part made for distance vision but patients with large pupil will have better outcomes if the central part made for near vision.

Soft contact lenses are usually with near part at the center while in hard contact lenses, the central part is usually for far distance.




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