Steps of Canaloplasty
Publish date 06-03-2016

Steps of Canaloplasty. Microcatheter for Canaloplasty




Steps of Canaloplasty

1- Partial thickness scleral flap near the limbus (cornea-scleral junction) is performed.

2- The Canal of Schlemm is identified then intubated with a small tube or microcatheter. This tube has several characteristics which are:

  • A diameter of 200 microns.
  • A lighted tip to identify its location as it passes through the canal.
  • A lumen to allow for the injection of viscoelastic Material (sodium hyaluronate). This material helps to force open the entire length of the canal.

3- This tube will pass 360° clockwise through the canal.

4- Once it passed the full length of canal, a 10'0 Nylon or Prolene suture is tied to the tube.

5- The tube will be pulled 360° anti-clockwise with the suture.
6- A special ultrasound imaging system can be used to identify the canal and the passage of the tube in the canal.

7- The suture will be left in place and tied off to provide tension on the trabecular meshwork which will also force the canal to open.

8- The scleral flap and the conjunctiva are tightly closed to prevent the formation of bleb and also to prevent leakage of aqueous humor.

9- A double sutures technique can also be used to reduce the risk of closure of the canal.