SuperFocus Eyeglasses
Publish date 06-03-2016

SuperFocus Eyeglasses




SuperFocus Eyeglasses: Truly Inventive Focal Goodness


Many people suffering from presbyopia are having difficulty reading small letters and focusing on near objects. As a result, they ended up wearing reading eyeglasses or getting bifocals. But for many individuals, the most important remedy to poor eyesight is not at all having an extra set of glasses.

An eye-opener

A condition called presbyopia used to require individuals to get bifocal, progressive lenses or extra reading eyeglasses. Both Bifocal and Progressive lenses provide clear vision for limited area. But because of advancements in eye technology, a new alternative has allowed people to say good-bye to extra pairs of glasses with them and allow them to have a clear super focus vision over a wide range of distance.

Winning this year’s Silver Innovation Award, are the new Superfocus or TruFocals. This amazing new invention, is created by the Zoom Focus Eyewear LLC is self adjustable and can give the wearer a clear vision no matter what your activity is for the moment.

Now you can enjoy a distorted-free and picture perfect vision, whether you are using a computer, reading your favorite book or enjoying the scenery.

California Dreaming

It has taken more than a century for eye engineers to develop and product eyeglasses that are adjustable. In 1886, an inventor from Baltimore patented his invention of a product that is easy to use, lightweight, thin and provides the wearer with precision vision.

However, it was only in the 1990s when Stephen Kurtin invented a solution. He invented the first word-processing programs. His answer came in the form of TruFocal eyeglasses, which have lenses that mimic the stretching and contracting movements of the human eye when it is focusing and adjusting to something.

How SuperFocus Works?

The TruFocals lens is an intelligent lens. It has two lenses, one outer and one inner lens (Near the Eye). The inner lens is made from a flexible membrane that can change its shape by using a slide on the top of the bridge of the frame.

The space between the inner and outer lens is occupied by a clear silicon based fluid.The Outer lens can be customized to add optical power that correct for far distance and also for astigmatism.

The power of correction can be changed by changing the shape of the surface. By moving the slide, you can choose the best corrective power for reading a book, working on the computer and any other near tasks.