Publish date 06-03-2016






Trabectome is an FDA approved device that is use in a minimally invasive glaucoma surgery to improve the drainage of Aqueous Humor out of the eye.

In Open Angle Glaucoma, the main problem is found in trabecular meshwork and Canal of Schlemm which act like a resistant barrier against the drainage of aqueous out of the eye. In this surgery, a strip of Trabecular meshwork (60°-120°) and inner wall of Canal of Schlemm will be ablated by using a focused electrosurgical cautery, restoring the drainage ability of the eye.

The surgery is performed through a small cornea-scleral incision and does not require leaving a permanent hole and bleb as in trabeculectomy or an implant as in Ahmed Valve.

Good Candidates for Trabectome




1- Open-Angle Glaucoma

2- Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma

3- Pigmentary Glaucoma

4- Steroid Response Glaucoma

5- High Intra-ocular pressure with maximal anti-glaucoma medications

6- Target Intra-ocular pressure after surgery of mid-teens

7- Good visualization of angle structures

8- No previous angle surgery or laser.

Complications of Trabectome

The risk of complications of this surgery is very low comparing to traditional glaucoma surgeries.

1- Possible bleeding inside the eye with delay in vision return.This is the main complication and it is easy to treat.

2- A very small risk of infection or loss of vision. This risk presents in any intraocular surgery.

3- Injury to other parts of the eye such as Descemet membrane, Zonules and Ciliary Body.