Xalacom Eye Drops
Publish date 06-03-2016

Xalacom Eye Drops




Xalacom Eye Drops

It is one of the eye drops that is used to decrease high intraocular pressure.

It contains two active ingredients which are Latanoprost and Timolol maleate while Xalatan Eye Drops contains only Latanoprost as an active ingredients.

Each one of them works in a different way to decrease high intraocular pressure and the combination of these two medications will have extra effects on intraocular pressure when one of them doesn’t lower the intraocular pressure enough on its own.

Latanoprost belongs to Prostaglandins analogue family and it lowers intraocular pressure by increase the drainage volume of aqueous humor from the eye while Timolol belongs to Beta-blockers family and it acts by decreasing the production of aqueous humor from Ciliary Body (which is the main source of aqueous humor).

Ingredients of Xalacom Eye Drops

Active ingredients

Latanoprost and timolol maleate.


Benzalkonium chloride.

Inactive Ingredients

Sodium chloride, monobasic sodium phosphate, dibasic anhydrous sodium phosphate and water for injections.





It is used only when prescribed by eye doctor and it is applied once a day. It is most effective if it is applied in the evening and exceeding the recommended dose will not give any extra benefits.

It comes in a small bottle with 2.5 ml solution .Each 1 mL of it contains 50 micrograms of latanoprost and 5mg of timolol.

Each bottle can be used for a minimum of 80 drops which is enough for 4 weeks when applied once for both eyes.



  • Before opening the bottle

       Should be stored in its box in a refrigerator (2 degrees C-8 degrees C).

  • After Opening the bottle

       Should be stored in its box away from light and moisture in a cool place where the temperature         stays below 25 degrees C, but do not refrigerate.

Once it’s opened, it would be advisable not to use it for more than 4 weeks.

Always keep this medication and any other medications away from children and pets.