Frequency 38 contact lenses
Publish date 06-03-2016

Frequency 38 contact lenses





Frequency 38 contact lens works great for people that need low water levels

CooperVision is the manufacturer of Frequency 38 contact lenses. Frequency 38 lenses are contact lenses that are disposable and you get to switch them out on a monthly basis. If your eye doctor has ever said that they recommend you need lenses that have a low water content, it is highly advisable that you should seek out Frequency 38 contact lenses.

Frequency 38 contact lenses are known for offering up a high level of performance and they are dehydration resistant. Therefore, these lenses will stay moist while you wear them, providing you with a high level of comfort.

Frequency 38 lenses have a lower water content, which makes it much easier to handle them. Also, these lenses do have a patented UltraSync technology and a lens design that will work together in order to provide you with the highest level of comfort and performance that you have ever gotten from contact lenses.

You will also receive six lenses per box, which means when you pick up a box of these lenses, you will have a supply that will last you for half a year.

Frequency 38 contact lenses have also been tinted. That way, you will experience improved handling of the lenses. The purpose of the tint is to enable you to find the lenses while they are in contact solution. The tint will not change your eye color, nor will it have an effect on the shading of your eyes.

Frequency 38 contact lenses have actually been discontinued by the manufacturer. Therefore, these lenses are very hard to come across and there is only going to be a limited supply of them.

If you enjoy Frequency 38 contact lenses or think you would, right now would be the time to buy them. Once the supply runs out, these lenses are going to be gone forever.