Get Extended Range of Vision with Frequency 55 Toric XR Contacts
Publish date 06-03-2016

 Frequency 55 Toric XR Contacts




Get Extended Range of Vision with Frequency 55 Toric XR Contacts​

Frequency 55 Toric XR Contacts use advanced technology with extensive power of cylinder within the range of -2.75 to -5.75, and it aids people to choose contact lens instead of a powerful glass. Basically this type of contact lenses is prescribed for astigmatism which gives clear and crisp vision to rear vision problems.

People prefer contact lenses rather than a powerful glass to avoid daily hassles. Frequency 55 Toric XR Contacts are designed such a way to handle superior comfort and extensive performance on rear vision problems.

Clinical reports show that Frequency 55 Toric XR Contacts allow clean vision, and keep eyes healthy throughout the year. It is a monthly replacement contact package for a whole year which means you do not have to replace your contact lens daily.

Its performance and quality can be easily justified by analyzing its experimental reports which state that to keep your eyes wet, clean and free from deposits Frequency 55 Toric XR is the best option. As you have to replace this contact lens once a month you can easily cope with this habit.

Technical data show that it uses Methafilcon B as its Hydragel element and its percentage is 45%. The use of such Hydragel element has better ensured its breathability and flow of oxygen. The manufacturer has assured more oxygen passing capability with this contact lens which aids to keep your eyes healthy and clean. At the same time you are also getting excellent vision quality and superior comfort with this contact lens.

The manufacturer has recommended Frequency 55 Toric XR Contacts as monthly replacement contacts. But you have must clean it on regular basis and replace it within the scheduled period. To have easy and comfortable handling it features visibility tint.

In fine, it can be mentioned that Frequency 55 Toric XR Contacts are great options for the patients having high level of astigmatism. But you must take suggestions and guidance from your eye specialist before using it to avoid risks and hazards.