Publish date 06-03-2016

Canaloplasty with microcatheter. The wire has lighted end





Canaloplasty is an advanced non-penetrating, non-destructive procedure to treat Open Angle Glaucoma. It can help many patients with glaucoma to reduce their intraocular pressure, dependence on medications with fewer complications and also fewer follow-up in comparing to other traditional procedures.

In this procedure a microcatheter with a diameter of 200 microns is used to enlarge the natural drainage system of the aqueous humor in the patient eye, which is called Canal of Schlemm.

Indications of Canaloplasty

1- Open Angle Glaucoma patients.

2- Eye drops for Glaucoma are inconvenient, difficult, or costly for the patients.

3- Anti-Glaucoma medications are not working any more in reduction of Intraocular Pressure.

4- Patient is scheduled for more invasive glaucoma surgery.

5- Patients who are bad candidate for standard glaucoma surgery, Trabeculectomy such as patients who had failed Trabeculectomy in the other eyes, who wear contact lenses, with high risk of infection or bleeding.

Contraindications of the Procedure

1- Narrow-Angle Glaucoma.

2- Glaucoma due to high Episcleral Venous Pressure.

3- Neovascular glaucoma.