Cataract Surgery Cost with Astigmatism Correction
Publish date 06-03-2016

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Cataract Surgery Cost with Astigmatism Correction

If applicable, your doctor may also offer an extra surgical procedure to correct astigmatism. Even with the removal of your cataract and the choice of a premium Intraocular lens, your vision could still lack crispness and clarity due to astigmatism.

In this case, your surgeon may recommend limbal relaxing incisions (LRIs) or corneal relaxing incisions (CRIs). Basically, these are small, superficial cuts made to flatten the cornea and reduce or eliminate astigmatism.

Again, since this is not considered a medically necessary procedure, the extra expense would be your responsibility. The average cost for astigmatism correcting surgery is about $528 per eye.

Also, if you do not need presbyopia-correcting lenses, you may be given the option of choosing premium astigmatism-correcting lenses called toric Intraocular lens. These are "fixed" lenses which help correct astigmatism related vision problems caused by an irregularly shaped cornea.

Although less expensive than presbyopia-correcting lenses,toric Intraocular lenses are an average of $950 extra per eye.

In summary, without insurance, the average cost for cataract surgery is $3000 per eye. If you choose a multifocal or toric lens, or request an astigmatism correcting procedure, the cataract surgery cost can increase to a total of $4000 - $5500 or more per eye.