Cataract Surgery Cost With Premium IOL
Publish date 06-03-2016

Cataract Surgery Cost With Premium IOL




Cataract Surgery Cost With Premium Intraocular Lens

Although a monofocal lens will correct the vision problems associated with cataracts, many people choose a premium lens to help correct other pre-existing vision issues.

Premium lenses are special designed intraocular lenses that have the ability to correct refractive errors other than spherical errors such as astigmatism and presbyopia.

Toric Intraocular Lens is a premium lens that is use to correct regular corneal astigmatism while accommodating-IOLs are those used to correct presbyopia.

A multifocal IOL, or a presbyopia-correcting lens, is an option that your eye doctor will likely offer.

Presbyopia is an age related condition that diminishes your eye's ability to focus on close objects. Unlike a monofocal lens, choosing a multifocal IOL means that you will have excellent vision at varying distances - near, intermediate, and far. This reduces the likelihood that you will need eyeglasses.

Medicare and most insurance companies base their coverage and reimbursement policies on what they refer to as "medically necessary" procedures.

They will usually pay to have the cataract removed and a conventional lens inserted; however, they consider the insertion of presbyopia-correcting IOLs to be an elective procedure so you will likely be responsible for any additional costs associated with premium lenses.

Since premium lenses are optional and not a necessary part of cataract removal, there are no set fees and the cost can vary from doctor to doctor. On average, the additional cost is about $1900 per eye, making the final average cost of cataract surgery around $4500 per eye.