Acuvue Advance Contact Lens

Acuvue Advance Contact Lens

Acuvue Advance Contact Lens





Acuvue Advance contact lenses are unique in their design. These contacts are designed for daily wear, and can, if prescribed, be used for overnight wear as well. Eye care professionals may recommend a daily, weekly or bi-weekly disposal for these lenses. Whatever regimen is prescribed by your doctor should be carefully followed. Deviations from prescribed use can result in potentially serious eye conditions.

When used according to instructions, these risks are minimal. Always continue to schedule follow up appointments when you are using contact lenses to ensure that your eyes remain healthy while you are wearing contact lenses.

Acuvue Advance contact lenses allow 97% of surrounding oxygen to reach the eye. They are highly permeable and the Silicone Hydrogel material from which they are manufactured is also very moist and silky smooth. This lens silicone hydrogen material or galyfilcon A helps keeping the eye moist through the whole day.

Acuvue Advance Hydraclear technology blends the silicone hydrogel material with a moisture rich agent, to produce a contact lens that can be worn morning to night in complete comfort.

Other advantages to Acuvue Advance lenses include the color tinting that allows you to easily find them in a contact case and marking for inside out wear. If the edges flare, that indicates that the contact lens is inside out. Simply flip it over for correct wear.




Of course, one of the best features of Acuvue Advance contact lenses is their UV protection. Acuvue Advance lenses have the highest level of UV protection available from contacts. Class I lenses block 93% of UV-A and 99% of UV-B radiation.

This does not mean that you can cease wearing sunglasses. These contacts can help protect the eye, but they do not provide complete coverage. Sun glasses or goggles should still be worn to provide complete protection.

While these lenses can be worn over night, they should be removed and cleaned daily to prevent dirt and bacteria build-up. Chemical cleaning is the only acceptable method for these lenses. Heat based cleaning systems should never be used.

Before removing contacts, be sure to wash your hands to ensure that you are not exposing eyes to additional bacteria. Contact lenses should only be worn with healthy eyes.

These lenses are available for both near and far sighted individuals, and there are even lenses for those with astigmatism. Lenses are available from a -12.00 to a +8.00 diopter, to accommodate even hard to fit eyes.


Product Details Of Acuvue Advance Contact Lens

• Diameter: 14 mm

• Base Curve: 8.3 or 8.7

• Power range: -12.00 - +8.00

• Material: Galyfilcon A

• Water Content: 47%




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