Complications Of Intravitreal Injection

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Complications Of Intravitreal Injection​



Complications of intravitreal injection can range from mild to severe. Some of them don't need any treatment while other need admission to the hospital with local and systematic antibiotics.

Sometimes vitrectomy surgery can we needed to treat these complications. Although severe complications can occur but still they have low incidence of occurrence.

1- Blurred vision till the intraocular drug is completely absorbed by the eye.

2- Bleeding or hemorrhage at the site of injection causing subconjunctival hemorrhage

3- Mild eye pain or discomfort.

4- Increased intraocular pressure which is mostly transient. Sometimes if steroid is used in intravitreal injection,the intraocular pressure can raise for a long period of time and causing Steroid-induced glaucoma



Your eye doctor will give you an appointment one week after the steroid injection in order to measure intraocular pressure. Read more about Steroid Induced Glaucoma.

5- Photophobia or increased sensitivity to light.

6- Headache due to eye pain and increased intraocular pressure.

7- Intraocular infection,or endophthalmitis which is the most serious complication that can occur after intraocular injection.

Precaution should be taken before the injection, disinfect and sterilize the eye in order to minimize this possible complication.

8-  Retinal Detachment can occur after intraocular injection.

9- Choroidal Hemorrhage can also occur.

Your eye doctor will give you instructions to call him or to go directly to the emergency room in case you notice any severe ocular pain, severe redness or blurred vision during the first week after the injection.



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