Air Optix Contact Lenses

Air Optix Contact Lenses

Air Optix Contact Lenses




These Contact Lenses are one of the contact lenses that are commonly used in patients with history of keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eyes syndrome.

These lenses are one of the best contact lenses that are commonly used in patients with history of dry eyes and can help to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes because of the presence of TriComfort Technology. These Contact Lenses are made by CibaVision Brand.

Air Optix Lens is made from Lotrafilcon B which consists of special silicon hydrogel materials which have TriComfort Technology.



The TriComfort Technology help Air Optix Lenses stay comfortable through these important ways:


• High oxygen permeability

This feature allows the lens material to transmit up to 5 times more oxygen to patient eyes than other traditional soft contact lenses. This will give a healthy looking eye and will allow flexible wear and decrease complications associated with Hypoxia. Hypoxia can cause death of corneal epithelial cells which with time can increase the risk and incidence of contact lenses related eye infection.


• High surface wettability

This feature will prevent the contact lens from drying out after prolong wearing by retaining moisture which will make the lenses feel more comfortable throughout the day.



• Permanent Biocompatible plasma treated lens surface

This technology will help the lens to have smoother surface and resist the deposition of debris which will make the lens more comfortable throughout the day and with prolong wearing and decrease the feeling and sensation of foreign body while wearing contact lenses.


• The Bi-aspheric design of the lens

Bi-aspheric design means that the peripheral part of the lens are flatter than the central part and this design will give a clear vision by decreasing the peripheral spherical aberration. Spherical Aberration decrease night vision and increase glare.

These advantages will provide comfort throughout the day and also help to protect the cornea from signs and symptoms of lack of oxygen such as dryness, irritation, discomfort after prolong wearing and redness.



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