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I went to an opthalmologist yesterday. She got my eye checked and prescribed glasses as follows- Right eye- cylindrical - .50 × 160 and left eye- cylindrical - .75 ×180. Last time when I visited her 2.5 years ago she gave me glasses as follows- Right eye cylindrical - .50×160 and left eye cylindrical -.50×180. You see, there is only a slight increase in power in right eye.Else everything is same.Last time when I visited 2.5 years ago in the computer refraction test the axis was 158 and 5 for right and left eyes respectively.And when I visited yesterday in the computer refraction test, axis is 160 and 6 for right and left respectively.when I visited yesterday she was giving different lenses to examine my power.I was in dillema which lenses were best when she was changing different lenses and saying 'is it better or the earlier one'?I choose one.She told me to also wear my existing eyeglasses and told me how it is? I told her I see almost same with my existing eyeglasses and with the glasses she was giving me for testing.I also gave her the earlier prescription. You see , her current prescription and earlier prescription is same except a change in power in right eye.She advised me to wear the existing glasses.She told me I need not change glasses as the power change is minimal.When I told her that I want to change the glasses as it got scratched then she gave me the current prescription. I am in dillema and in confusion whether to make new glasses as per prescription or use the earlier glasses as she advised? Can the axis remain unchanged even after 2.5 years? I doubt whether she thought that as I am fine with my existing eyeglasses, there is no need to change the axis. I learnt that axis can even change with tiredness of eyes, or a long day work or how we see at that time.Axis can change from doctor to doctor on examination.In this situation should I again visit the doctor? Should I change my glasses as per the new prescription or use the existing eyeglasses that she told me to wear? I can see almost clearly.But when I use my eyeglasses for reading for a long time I feel uncomfortable.Should I wear eyeglasses when I read?