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Write for Eye care Blog

Write for Eye care Blog



Guest post is a great way to connect to other people and to promote your own blog, practice, products or services.

We do have our guidelines but if you meet the below guidelines, please feel free to write for eye care blog and Submit your guest post after you sign-up for review and if approved it will be live within 4-5 days.



Guidelines to write for eye care blog


1- Copyright. The article you publish must be exclusive and unique to the webeyeclinic.com. That means the article should not have been published anywhere else in the past and should not be published anywhere else in the future.

2- Article Length. We believe, for good and well informative article, article length should be minimum 600+ words and free of grammatical and spelling errors.

3- Article topic. The article you submit must be informative. This website deals mainly with eye related diseases and disorders. For topic ideas, we accept articles under these categories:

  • Eye diseases presentation, diagnosis and treatment either medical and surgical.

  • Systemic diseases that can cause ocular manifestation for example diabetes mellitus that cause diabetic retinopathy or sarcoidosis which can cause systemic manifestations and can affect the eye.

  • Ocular Surgical procedures and surgical related products.

  • Eye products such as contact lenses, eyeglasses, eye makeup, etc

  • Research studies. please include relevant references.

  • If you are an ophthalmologist or optometrist, you can write articles about your practice or service that you provide.

  • If you are a patient, you can write your story of surgery eye experience, such as your lasik surgery.

  • Eye related events such as conferences.

4- Links and Author Bio. One nofollow link is allowed in the author bio. You can put a link to your website at the end of the article along with author bio.Your author bio should be 200 words, explaining who you are and what you do and should be placed at the end of your article. You may include one nofollow link back to your website, blog, practice or service within the blog post.

For more information please contact us at : contact@webeyeclinic.com.



5- The blog or website you link to most be related to the topic of your guest post. We will reject any articles with links to any unrelated topic.

6- You can upload images (Maximum of 4 images) with description. Another image about the author can be uploaded (Optional).

7- Sharing: Once your article goes live, it is good to promote your submission through social media.

8- Webeyeclinic.com has the right to reject any article. In some case , small changes to the content and formatting of the article can be made but no wholesale changes.

9- If you agree to the above criteria and are ready to submit your guest post, then please follow the steps.

10- Once your article is approved, an email will be send for you with a link to the article.

11- Posts are unpaid – All guest posts are unpaid at this time. we have the right to add ads in the article. In case you don’t want any ads to appear in your post, you must pay 100$ per year per article.



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