Bandage Contact Lens

Bandage Contact Lens

Bandage Contact Lens




Bandage Contact Lens is a special type of soft contact lenses. It is type of silicone hydrogel lenses with high oxygen permeability and can be used as non-surgical therapeutic device for many ocular disorders. Most of Bandage Contact Lens have no refractive powers.

This high oxygen permeability will help to decrease the incidence of corneal infection or keratitis, corneal neovascularization and enhance corneal healing.

These contact lenses have large diameter which can range from 13 mm to 18 mm in order to provide stability with minimal movement and decentration.

These lenses come with variety in water content either with high or low water content.

In cases of corneal melting, the main purpose of using Bandage Contact Lens is to promote corneal neovascularization to induce corneal scar and prevent further corneal melting.

In this case bandage lenses with low water content with low oxygen permeability should be used. In case the purpose of the contact lens is to provide surface healing, high water content with high oxygen permeability should be used.




Indications of Bandage Contact Lens


1- Relieve of Eye Pain

There are multiple causes of ocular pain which can be relieved by bandage contact lens such as:

   A- Bullous keratoplasty in which is there cysts formation in the cornea which is filled with fluid and when this cysts rupture, they will cause severe pain. These bullae can occur in Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy.

  B- Recurrent epithelial erosions in which there is recurrent shedding of corneal epithelial cells which can cause severe pain. This can occur in cases with corneal dystrophy.

  C- Corneal ulceration which can cause also severe pain.

  D- After refractive surgeries such as lasik, epilasik and PRK. Bandage lenses can help to reduce pain, promote wound healing and also help to deliver medications.



2- Corneal Wound Healing

Stabilize and promote healing of corneal epithelial and corneal stroma such as in cases of corneal ulceration and abrasions. Corneal abrasions can occur due to severe dryness.

3- Corneal Perforation

In case of corneal perforation, it can help in providing temporal sealing of the wound and stop any leakage. It can be used with cyanocrylate adhesive glue to stop the leakage.

4- Post ocular Surgeries

Post ocular surgeries such as phacoemulsification and trabeculectomy with leakage from the wound, Bandage Contact Lens can help to stop the leakage.

5- Deliver of Medications

It can help to deliver medications to the corneal surface and increase the duration of contact between the medications and cornea.

6- Reduce Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Symptoms of Dry Eyes such as foreign body sensation, burning sensation, eye pain and photophobia can be reduced with Bandage Contact Lens.




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