La Prairie Anti-aging Eye Cream

La Prairie Anti-aging Eye Cream

La Prairie Anti-aging Eye Cream




La Prairie Anti-aging Eye Cream is liquid gold in terms of anti-aging products for women. With quick results, but at a cool cost of $475, this magical night cream does what it promises.

Due to its high content of retinol, your fine lines will surely diminish, you’ll be able to bid farewell to those eye wrinkles, and you’ll even be able to reduce aging and sun spots – this is done by simply moisturizing your skin on a nightly basis to firm and tone.

Although many might avoid La Prairie Anti-aging Eye Cream due to its extravagant price, splurging a little would prove to be a sound investment.

Constant lab tests have proved that this amazing anti aging moisturizer and night cream is the quickest with the most evident results, hence its price. Within a matter of only 6 hours, you’ll see your skin slowly but surely transform before your very eyes.



The cream works hard overnight lifting your skin to give yourself that youthful appearance you’ve been dreaming of. Unlike any other anti-aging cream out there, La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night Cream will improve your overall skin tone and leave it feeling so light and smooth, there won’t be any need to wear make-up.

This exclusive night cream that will give you a natural face lift is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin types which is wonderful news for all those ladies wanting to try out retinol eye creams as they have a reputation of irritating the skin.

They’ll be no blotchy marks, no rashes or dry patches; all you’ll have is beautifully smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

This richly floral smelling anti-aging night cream will literally help you turn back the clock at once. La Prairies hires some of the world’s top cosmetics’ scientists.

Over the years they’ve tried and tested a number of anti-aging overnight creams and lotions and finally they’ve made a breakthrough with a time-released Retinol, which has been scientifically proved to be the world’s most effective ingredient when it comes to de-aging.



Add the revitalizing Oxygen to the equation, and you’ll basically resurface your face’s skin overnight. Cellular Power Charge Night Cream by La Prairies works while your skin is in its resting state, which is what allows it to perform all those necessary skin recovery functions.

Your eye wrinkles and fine lines under eyes will no longer be visible and all those signs of aging that you were showing will be erased. This cream is one of the best when it comes to the acceleration of cell turnover which is why your youth can be restored almost in a matter of days.

You’re probably wondering why only at night? The answer is in the scientific makeup of your body. Because your skin is in fact one of your body’s organs, it needs to be resting for the cream to really work its magic. You’ll notice so many benefits that will leave you wondering why you haven’t trialed this great anti-aging product earlier.

If you’re looking for an overall smoothness of your skin that glows just like it did when you were a teenager then Cellular Power Charge Night Cream is for you.



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