Causes of Black Circles Under Eyes

Causes of Black Circles Under Eyes

Causes Of Dark Circles Under Eyes?


Dark circles under eyes can be caused by a variety of causes. The most common is heredity. The skin under the eyes is the thinnest on the body. This causes the appearance of black circles in people with deep set eyes, transparent thin skin or prominent blood flow. Understanding what causes dark circles under eyes is essential for the right treatment.

The thin skin under the eyes makes veins and blood flow appear as dark smudges. People with very thin skin can appear to have dark circles under the eyes. Those with deep set eyes may have shadowing that darkens the appearance of circles.

For those that do not have a hereditary component, the most likely cause is lack of sleep. Minor sleep deprivation can cause dark circles and puffy eyes. If the situation is chronic and you sleep for less than eight hours each night, you may want to consult with a physician about possible sleep disorders.

Allergies can also contribute to dark circles under eyes. The constant rubbing of the eyes caused by itching and watering can wear away the skin under the eye and irritate the area. The swelling and puffiness can exacerbate the issue and make under eye circles appear very dark.

Food allergies can also cause dark circles under eyes.Allergies can develop suddenly, so if you noticed the onset of hay fever or another allergic reaction that causes itching or watering of the eyes, allergies is probably the culprit. If you have not experienced any allergic reactions, there are a few other things that may cause dark circles under your eyes.


If these black circles under eyes are not something that you always had, then it is probably not hereditary. If it is a recent issue, and you have not noticed a feeling of increased tiredness or interrupted sleep, then sleep deprivation is unlikely to be the cause.

Medications that cause blood vessels to dilate can increase the noticeability of dark circles, as can anemia, age or liver problems. As people age, it can cause dark circles under eyes often become more apparent, and no medical treatment is necessary.

For those who are young, and suddenly experiencing dark circles with no other explanation, a medical exam is in order. Liver disease is potentially fatal, and it is important to catch it as early as possible.

Anemia is correctable and has a variety of complications that can be harmful. It is important to correct this issue as soon as possible to avoid some of the more serious complications.Understand what causes dark circles under eyes to find the right solution for it.


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