Causes of dark Circles Under Eyes

Causes of dark Circles Under Eyes

Causes of dark Circles Under Eyes



Understanding what are the causes of dark circles under eyes is essential for the treatment. To find the best treatment for dark circles under eyes we have to find the cause of it. Dark circles under eyes can be caused by a variety of causes. Many people think these circles have underlying medical conditions only but the most common causes of these dark circles have nothing to do with that.


The most common causes of dark circles under eyes are:


1- Aging

2- In certain ethnics groups such as in people with Mediterranean backgrounds

3- Genetic causes that make it run in families

The skin under the eyes is the thinnest on the body. Thin skin causes the dark circles or eye bags to be more visible, especially those people with deep set eyes and also thin skin under the eyes makes veins and blood flow appear as dark smudges. As we age, this skin becomes even thinner. The above causes can only be treated with lasers or you can hide it with makeup.



Other common causes of dark circles under eyes are:


1- Fatigue and lack of sleep

Minor sleep deprivation can cause dark circles under eyes to appear easy and if the situation is chronic and you sleep for less than eight hours each night, the fluid starts to accumulate under your eyes which makes these circles darker and your eyes look swollen and puffy.

2- Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle with lack of exercise causes slow blood flow and fluids start to accumulate under the eye. Exercise helps to improve the blood flow in the body so any accumulated fluid under eyes can go away.

3- Allergy

It can also contribute to dark circles under eyes. Allergic eye conditions, skin eczema, contact dermatitis or allergic sinusitis can cause bags under eyes.

Allergic conditions cause inflammation and release of many enzymes and factors such as histamine that cause blood vessels to dilate and to leak fluids into the surrounding tissue. The swelling and puffiness can exacerbate the issue and make under eye circles appear darker .

The constant rubbing of the eyes caused by itching and watering can irritate the area and wear away the skin under the eye. The skin becomes thinner and the underlying blood vessels will be more visible Food allergies can also cause dark circles under eyes.

Allergies can develop suddenly and it occurs with other symptoms and signs such as runny nose, watery eyes, itching or sneezing and so on. Hence, if you noticed the onset of hay fever or another allergic reaction that causes itching or watering of the eyes, allergy is probably the cause.



4- Medications

Medications that dilate blood vessels such as those used to treat hypertension can increase the visibility of dark circles under eyes and increase puffiness and swelling of the eye.

5- Eye Drops

Certain eye drops such prostaglandin analogues (XalatanVyzulta) that are used to treat glaucoma. These eye drops increase the pigmentation of skin and also increase the pigmentation of the iris.

6- Medical Conditions and diseases

Underlying medical conditions such as anemia, thyroid disease, kidney and liver disease. Anemia cause the skin to appear pale so it makes the dark circles under eyes to be more visible. Thyroid, kidney and liver diseases cause fluid to accumulate in the body and the eyes to appear more swollen and puffier.

7- Sunlights 

Sunlights can damage your skin. Over exposure to sun can aggravate dark circles under eyes.

8- Bad Makeup

Makeup that is not well tolerated by your body can cause allergic condition and dermatitis and cause your condition to get worse.






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