How to Hide Dark Circle with makeup

How to Hide Dark Circle with makeup

How to Hide Dark Circle with makeup




No matter how you got those dark circles under your eyes that resemble a raccoon, there are thankfully ways to hide them. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix, but with the right eye makeup and good application, you’ll be looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed in no time (no pun intended).

Before even applying any makeup to the face to try and mask those bags, you need a good base. Prep the skin around your eyes by applying a light moisturizer with SPF. When your eyes look like you’ve been slugging it at the office desk or partying all night, they’re going to be more sensitive.

Also, the powerful sun will wreck even more havoc on your dark circles under eyes. Daily sun exposure will increase the melanin levels in your skin, making your dark circles stand out even more, giving you the opposite effect that you want.

The next trick is to apply some cream, especially for the eyes. Look out for a quick-absorbing cream like Clinique’s All About Eyes. Again because your eyes are extra sensitive right now, you need to avoid any cream or lotion that’s too thick.



This will not only make you feel groggier than you already feel; it’s also likely it will make your makeup cakey, resulting in peeling – not a look you want to be going for.

Your dark eyes are going to have a purplish undertone, and sometimes if you’re not careful, you could make yourself look like you’ve been punched in the face with poorly applied eye makeup. Choose a special corrector that’s going to counterbalance the purple. If you’ve got fairer skin, you need to be extra careful because dark circles are going to be more prominent.

Choose a corrector with a pink-base. If you’ve got darker or olive skin, opt for a peach-base corrector. Using a small eye makeup brush, gently apply the corrector to the inner-most corner of your eyes.

Then using one sweep all the way through, bring the brush right under the eye to the outer-most corner. You’ll be left with an even streak of corrector under the eye, which will make you look like a war-warrior for the time being until you’ve finished the whole look.



After the war paint has been finalized, the next step is to apply a very thin layer of concealer using your finger. When choosing your concealer to cover up dark circles, always go for a product that’s two shades lighter than your foundation.

With your finger, dab the concealer gently in to the exact same area where you applied your corrector. When these two magical products are combined, they’ll give the illusion of even skin – you’ll be back to looking yourself in no time!

The next step is set the concealer, and this can be done by using a fine dusting powder. You should make sure you use a matte powder as opposed to one with sparkles – a sparkly face powder is likely to settle into your skin’s creases, only highlighting the problem area.

To detract a person’s gaze away from your tired eyes, rub a little bit of pale pink blush into your cheeks’ apples. For a rosier healthier look, you should opt for a cream blush. Try Cheek Tint in Sheer Pink by Bobbi Brown.

When you wake up with dark circles under your eyes, it’s likely you’re going to groan when you look in the mirror, especially if you’ve got somewhere you need to be. But by following these simple makeup tricks to hide dark circles, you’ll be ready for the outside world in no time!



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