Natural Treatments of Black Circles Under Eye

Natural Treatments of Black Circles Under Eye

Natural Treatments for Black Circles under eye



The first step to remedying black circles under eyes is determining the cause. There are many natural remedies that can help reduce the appearance of under eye circles, but any underlying health issues need to be cleared up to prevent the re-occurrence.

If there is no medical reason for these black circles, start by getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause paleness, which makes under eye pigmentation more prominent. If solid sleep does not improve the situation there are several other things you can try.

Cucumber slices are a time honored natural remedy that can be used to give tired or swollen eyes a quick pick up. The astringent qualities of cucumbers can act as a tightening agent, and reduces swelling and redness. Slice a cucumber into thick slices and place them over your eyes. Spend ten to fifteen minutes lying down with the slices applied and eyes closed. This method should be repeated daily.

Tea bags are also a great natural remedy. The caffeine in green, white and black teas can have a rejuvenating effect on black circles under eyes. The tannin also acts on the swollen area. Like cucumbers, tea bags don’t actually change the color of the skin under the eyes. Instead it reduces the appearance of dark circles by reducing swelling and redness.



The caffeine draws out the excess water to reduce the puffiness, and the natural anti-oxidants in tea are good for the skin. To apply, take a used tea bag and squeeze out the excess moisture. After ensuring that it is cool, place it on the eyes. It should remain in place for approximately ten minutes. Herbal teas do not have the same effect, since they are caffeine free.

Chamomile is the only herbal tea that can have an improving effect on black circles under the eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile can help. Cold also helps, so placing tea bags in the freezer for several minutes before applying can help to reduce swelling as much as possible.

Liquefied potato can also have a tightening affect. Place an uncooked potato in a liquefier and reduce it to a thick liquid, almost a paste. Place the paste over the eye area and lay down for about half an hour. Wash off the paste with warm water and enjoy the results.

Any of these methods might be effective, but results vary from person to person. If one method doesn’t work for you, try another until you find the most effective solution.



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