Blepharitis Symptoms

blepharitis symptoms

Blepharitis Symptoms​




1- Foreign body sensation especially when blinking. You will feel like sand or dust in your eyes.

2- Burning sensation especially when exposed to sun or air.

3- Excessive tearing and frothy tears.

4- Itchy eyes and itchy eyelids.

5- Sensitivity to light (photophobia).

6- Red and swollen eyelids with red or pink eye.



7- Vision is normal, (if cornea is not affected) although a poor tear film due to meibomian gland dysfunction often causes blurry of vision, leading to fluctuation of vision during the day which can be improved after applying of eye drops or after blinking.

8- Crust on eyelashes especially on awakening and sometimes sticky eyelashes.

9- Abnormal growing of the eyelashes which is called distichiasis.

10- Eyelash loss especially in chronic blepharitis.

11- In some patients, Blepharitis can cause only mild eye irritation with no other symptoms.

12- Symptoms of associated systemic diseases such as Seborrhoeic dermatitis and acne rosacea.


When to seek medical advice if you have Blepharitis?


Seeking medical advice is very important to prevent further complications but you should know when you should and when you shouldn't seek help.

These criteria might help you:

1- When there is no improvement of your condition with conservative use of warm compresses and lid hygiene.

2- Worsening of the condition. Sometimes sebaceous carcinoma can be presented with symptoms of blepharitis. Your doctor will be able to differentiate between both.

3- Severe eye pain.

4- Severe eye discharge.

5- Red eye.

6- Change in vision either suddenly or gradually. Sudden loss of vision needs immediate medical care. Dramatic change of vision is rarely due to Blepharitis.

7- A sore that appears on the eyelid which is either persist or increase in size. It should be evaluated by your doctor to determine its nature.



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