Complications of Blepharitis

Complications of Blepharitis. Madarosis and Poliosis of the eyelashes due to chronic inflammation in blepharitis.© 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology

Complications of Blepharitis​




Complications of Blepharitis mainly occur after the chronic form and many of these complications can be prevented with proper treatment.


Complications of Blepharitis are:


1- Madarosis

Madarosis is  loss of eyelashes.

2- Poliosis

Whitening or loss of pigment of the hair due to chronic inflammation.

3- Scarring of the eyelid

4- Eye Stye or External hordeolum

Eye Stye is acute staphylococcus aureus infection of lash follicles and their associated sweat and sebaceous glands. Sweat glands of the eye lid are called Moll gland while sebaceous gland are called Zeis glands. There will be tender and swollen eye lids with white head. Treatment of it including application of Antibiotic eye drops and eye ointments.



5- Chalazion or Chalazia

With obstruction of the meibomian gland orifices and the accumulation of the secretions, meibomian gland cyst will be formed. Its incidence will be increased in patients with seborrhoeic dermatitis and rosacea. Chalazion is painless small mass or nodule that increases in size gradually. It can be single or multiple.Infection of chalazion called internal hordeolum.

Treatment of it including hot compressor with digital massages of the eyelids. Surgeries with chalazion excision can be done if those measures failed. Internal hordeolum can be treated in the same way as styes and after the infection is cured, surgical excision should be done for chalazion or the remaining mass.

6- Conjunctivitis

Inflammation of conjunctiva which can cause red painful eyes.



7- Dry eye syndrome

Blepharitis especially posterior form can lead to deficiency for tear films or tear film instability due to imbalance between aqueous and lipid components of the tear film. Dry eye syndrome will increase the risk of micro erosions of the cornea which with time can lead to corneal infections.

8- Keratitis

Injury to the cornea. Constant irritation of the cornea from inflamed eyelids or misdirected eyelashes may cause lesions and erosions on the cornea which with time can cause corneal ulcer and infections. In this case a culture from the infected ulcer should be taken to the laboratory to identify the main micro-organism and what are the best medications to treat it.



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