How to Clean Contact Lenses

How to Clean Contact Lenses

How to clean contact lenses



The use of contact lenses is reasonably safe; however, non-adherence to proper lens care can put a wearer at risk for corneal infection. The risks may vary depending on the type of contact lens, but proper lens care on any type is necessary to ensure safe use.


How to clean contact lenses


1- Wear and replace contact lenses as prescribed by your eye care professional.

2- Wash hands properly before handling contact lenses. Use lint-free towel when drying your hands.

3- Avoid contact with water. Do not take a bath or swim with your lenses on.

4- Do not rinse contact lenses with water nor use water for storage and don't use homemade contact solution

5- Do not use saline solution for disinfection. Saline can only be used for rinsing after cleaning and disinfecting with other solutions.

6- Read and follow cleaning and storage instructions stated in the solution’s label or as advised by your eye care professional.

7- Use the “rub and rinse” method of cleaning your lenses. Rub and rinse your lenses with your fingers when cleaning before soaking them in the solution.



8- Use a fresh solution when cleaning the contact lens case. Do not use water. Keep the case open to air dry and put it upside down on a clean tissue with the caps off.

9- Do not mix old solutions with new ones.

10- Do not reuse solutions. Immediately discard solutions after use.

11- Do not use hard contact lens solutions on soft lenses.

12- It is not recommended to store solutions in containers other than the original container. Transferring solutions to other container might affect its sterility.

13- Proper case care is as important as caring for your lenses. Ensure cleanliness of the case and replace regularly. Do not use dirty or damaged cases as they can harbor bacteria that can cause contamination and infection.

14- If any discomfort or eye irritation occurs, immediately remove your lenses. Consult your doctor if the problem persists after the lenses were removed.


Contact Lens Solutions and care systems


1- Daily Cleaners – Removes deposits and debris from the contact lens. It is only for cleaning and does not disinfect.

2- Enzymatic Cleaners – These solutions remove protein that the eyes deposit on the lenses. These protein removers either come in liquid or tablet form.

3- Multipurpose Solution – The multipurpose solution is used to clean, disinfect, store and rinse contact lenses. This is the most commonly used system for soft contact lenses.

4- RGP Care Systems – Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) or hard lenses usually require different solutions for wetting, cleaning and disinfecting. An enzymatic protein remover may also be prescribed in addition.

5- Hydrogen peroxide-based Solutions – This kind of solution is an alternative for those who have allergies to multipurpose solutions. The solution comes with a special case which converts the hydrogen peroxide to saline over time. DO NOT use any other case. When using hydrogen peroxide-based solutions, never put your lenses directly on your eyes right after rinsing with the solution.

6- Saline – Saline can be used to rinse lenses after they’ve been cleaned and disinfected with other solutions



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