Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner

Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner

Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner





 Ultrasonic contact lens cleaner is a small portable electric device that is used to remove small dirt and deposits from contact lenses by using inaudible ultrasound waves with a frequency of 120.000-150,000 Hz per second that are produced by high performance mini piezoelectric transducers.

This item has a small chamber in which the contact lens should be inserted. This chamber is filled with contact lens solution. The transducer will produce ultrasound waves in the solution with specific frequencies for a short period of time and then it will collapse.

These vibrations and waves will generate millions of small tiny bubbles which with the help of the solution, high temperature and pressure inside the chamber, will remove the dirt, protein and lipids deposits and other forms of invisible tiny materials that are gathered inside the countless oxygen holes and ports of lenses.



Unlike the traditional ways of cleaning contact lenses that required 8 hours of overnight soaking, this device can clean the contact lenses within two minutes and automatically, it will turn off when the cleaning is over.

With tweezers, the contact lenses are inserted in two baskets, one is marked with R means for right contact lens and the other is marked with L means for left contact lens. The basket is inserted in the chamber which is filled with contact lens solution.

Always use a fresh contact lens solution and do not reuse the solution or tap water to clean up the lens because this will carry high risk of contact lens infection especially with a microorganism called acanthamoeba.

Before touching the contact lens, the basket or inside the chamber, always wash your hands.

It is advisable to use the ultrasonic contact lenses cleaner once a day because immediate repeated cleaning can cause damage to the lens.




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