Common Questions after Cataract Surgery

Common Questions after Cataract Surgery

Common questions after cataract surgery



These are some of the most frequent questions or most common questions after cataract surgery:


  • Exercise after cataract surgery


Exercise can cause extra pressure inside your eye which can cause re-opening of the cataract wound. Don’t do strenuous activity for the first two-three weeks after cataract eye surgery. Avoid water activities such as swimming until you are off eye drops. 

  • How long after cataract surgery can I drive?

You shouldn’t drive in the first days post operation. Usually your vision starts to improve after 2-3 days so you can start driving 3 days after cataract surgery but don’t drive until you asked your eye doctor about that. For more information, click here.

  • Lifting restrictions after cataract surgery

Don’t do any heavy lifting for the first two weeks after the surgery or until you get approval from your eye doctor.



  • When can I fly after cataract surgery ?

Flying is safe after cataract eye surgery but you need to follow up with your eye doctor in first day post-surgery and also 1 week post surgery so it is recommended to be around your eye doctor in the first week. You can ask your doctor for early post surgery travel

  • When can I use eye makeup after cataract surgery ?

In general you can use eye makeup 2 weeks after the surgery.

  • Will I need glasses after cataract surgery ?

Most of the time you will require to wear reading glasses after standard cataract eye surgery. Standard cataract eye surgery means that your doctor implanted monovision intraocular lens during the surgery which enables you to see clearly for far distance only.

Implantation of Multifocal Intraocular Lens during cataract surgery can allow you to stay glasses free for both far and near distance at most of the time.



  • What are the causes of blurred vision after cataract surgery ?

There are many causes of poor vision after cataract eye surgery such as dry eye, secondary cataract, high intraocular pressure, inflammation and so on. Follow up with your doctor regarding this issue.

  • What is the recovery time for cataract surgery ?

It varies from few days to few weeks. During this time you will use eye drops continuously.

  • What Eye Drops I will use after cataract surgery?

In general you will use two types of eye drops. The first one is antibiotics eye drops in order to prevent infection and the second eye drops is anti-inflammatory eye drops such as corticosteroid eye drops. You will continue using this eye drops for a month.



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