Complications After Cataract Surgery

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Complications After Cataract Surgery​



The incidence of complications after cataract surgery these days are reduced because of the advanced cataract surgery and because of the proper pre-operation assessment. However, still there are risks for complications to occur and some of them can be very severe.


Complications after cataract Surgery are:

1- Loss of near sight

Loss of near sight or loss of accommodation which can be a problem for people who do not loss near sight or don't have presbyopia before the surgery. Presbyopia normally occurs after the age of 40. The natural lens inside the eye can change its shape and thickness to focus light from far objects or near objects to the retina but with time, the natural lens will loss this ability and no longer can be able to focus light from near objects to the retina.

Intraocular lens, which is implanted inside the eye in cataract surgery, doesn't have the ability to reshape to focus lights from different distances and so the patient will loss the ability to accommodate. There are new studies about using intraocular lens that is made from Gel which can reshape its surface in order to accommodate.

The treatment of presbyopia either presbyopia that occurs with age or that occurs as consequence of cataract eye surgery can be by using eyeglasses for near, bifocal or progressive contact lenses or by using intraocular lenses that are designed for near and far sights.



2- High Intraocular Pressure

3- Low Intraocular Pressure

4- Endophthalmitis

5- Rupture of the Posterior Capsule

6- Posterior Capsular Opacification

7- Retinal Detachment

8- Choroidal Hemorrhage

9- Corneal Edema

10- Macular Edema



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