Hypotony After Cataract Eye Surgery

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Hypotony After Cataract Eye Surgery



Ocular Hypotony means intraocular pressure lower than normal range. The normal intraocular pressure is between 10-20 mmHg


Causes of Hypotony After Cataract Eye Surgery are:

1- Intraocular inflammation

Intraocular inflammation can occur after any kind of intraocular surgery. This inflammation can be controlled by medications either in the form of eye drops or oral medications.

Sometimes this intraocular inflammation can be very severe causing the ciliary process or ciliary body to shutdown. Ciliary body is part of the eye that is responsible for the formation and secretion of aqueous humor inside the eye.

To maintain the intraocular pressure within normal range, a balance between the formation and drainage of aqueous humor should happen.

With time and with proper medications the inflammation will subside and the ciliary process or ciliary body will start again to form and secrete aqueous humor.



2- Wound leakage

Another cause of low intraocular pressure after cataract eye surgery is leakage of aqueous humor from the phaco wound or cataract wound. This wound is made by the eye surgeon in order to remove the cataract from the eye and also to inject the intraocular lens inside the eye. Most of the time this wound is secure and self sealed. Sometimes, you eye doctor might add a stitch in secure this wound.

Leakage from the wound can be treated by many ways according to the severity of leakage. In mild form it can be treated by bandage contact lens.

In case of severe leakage, your eye doctor can add stitch to seal the wound and this procedure requires a sterile operation room and should be done in the Operation Room. New material called ReSure Sealant can be used instead of stitches to seal the wound.


Complications of Hypotony After Cataract Eye Surgery

1- Contact between the iris and cornea or between the lens and cornea. This is a serious complication because this contact can cause severe damage to the cornea.

2- Hypotony Maculopathy. Fluid can be collected in the macular area of the retina. This fluid collection is called macular edema. Macular Edema can cause severe loss of vision and if the macular edema is chronic, this damage can be irreversible.

3- Choroidal folds.



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