Post Operation Endophthalmitis

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Post Operation Endophthalmitis



Post operation endophthalmitis is intraocular infection that occurs after different ocular surgeries like cataract eye surgery.

It is a serious complication and its incidence is reduced with the modern use of phaco-emulsification and preoperative and postoperative assessment of the patient and with the use of antibiotic medications before and after operation.Usually it occurs between 7 to 10 days post operative.


Signs and Symptoms of Post operation Endophthalmitis:

1- Red Eye.

2- Severe Eye Pain.

3- Blurring of Vision.

4- Swelling of conjunctiva which is called chemosis.

5- Swelling of the eyelids.

6- Photophobia.

7- Excessive Tearing.

8- Hypopyon. White material in the anterior chamber of the eye.It represents accumulation of white blood cells.

9- Corneal Edema

10- Vitritis or inflammation of the vitreous body.

11- Loss of Red reflex.

12- Pus collection in the retina and choroid.



Treatment of Post Operation Endophthalmitis

It is emergency condition and needs admission to the hospital for close observation and aggressive treatments. when you have any of these symptoms you should go directly to the emergency room.


The treatments of post operation endophthalmitis are:

1- Antibiotics Eye Drops

2- Systemic antibiotics.

3- Sample from the aqueous humor or vitreous for culture to determine the micro-organism.

4- In severe cases and when there is no improvement of the condition with antibiotics usually there will be vitrectomy surgery with intravitreal antibiotic injection.



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