Symptoms of Cataract

Symptoms of Cataract © 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology


These are the common symptoms of cataract:

• Painless blurring of vision or cloudy vision

The image will appear cloudy and the image will get worse gradually. Cataract doesn't cause painful red eye unless it is associated with another cause such as glaucoma. Any sudden loss of vision is not related to cataract and you should visit your eye doctor as soon as you can.

Some people especially young patients will complain of blurred vision even with mild cataract while others like old people will not complains of blurred vision even if they have moderate or even severe density cataract.

Usually the far vision is affected more the near vision but when the cataract is mature or thick enough, the near sight such as reading will be affected also.


• Decrease in color contrast

Glare which is sudden decrease in vision with expose to high intensity of light like headlights, lamps, sunlight or when driving at night and you face the light of the coming car.



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