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Submitted by urowav on Wed, 04/01/2020 - 21:55
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I have myopia and astigmatism.





I have noticed a dark spot on my upper eyelid. I have attached a picture; I am not referring to the brown mole/freckle. Do you know what it can be? I cannot inspect the inside of my eyelid to see if it's there.

However, I do know that it's part of the skin (i.e.  it's not from looking at the pupil)




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Can you please attach another pic on the comment and point to the dark spot that you are asking about.



Picture of the spot on eyelid.


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Brown discoloration in the upper eyelid




It's difficult to get a good picture as it's a bit faint. Some updates: I was able to check beneath the lid, and there's no discoloration there (I was concerned about having a quickly growing mole as I have family history of melanoma; I will be continuing to watch to make sure it doesn't grow).

The most likely explanation I currently have (beyond hyperpigmentation beginning to occur) is it's my eyelashes being visible through the thin skin of my eyelids. As for why this only recently occurred, I don't know.

Does that sound reasonable? It's visible outside of pictures too, so I don't think it's the lighting messing with the camera.

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It is insignificant discoloration and i won't worry about that. You just have to observe it for any signs of growth, color change, vascularity, hard consistency, pain and changes in the surrounding eyelid and eyelid margin.

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