Hard Contact Lens Remover

Hard Contact Lens Remover

Hard Contact Lens Remover​




1- DMV Ultra hard contact lens remover

It is a simple tool that can be used to remove hard contact lens and Gas permeable contact lens. It can not be used for soft lens removal.

It is made from polycarbonate material and it has a handle( which can be straight handle or with 45 degree angle ) with a soft, smooth cup at the end. This cup can be sued for both removal of contact lens and also insertion of contact lens.


2- DMV magic touch lens remover

The difference between this one and the one before is that DMV magic touch has vented handle for stick proof removal of hard contact lens.

The suction that is created by the vented handle can be controlled by positioning the fingers on different parts of the handle to create the wanted suction pressure.

This remover can’t be used to remove soft contact lens. Both these types can also be used to insert the hard contact lens.



Other types of DMV remover

DMV also has removers for other types of contact lens such as:

1- Remover for Orthokeratology lenses.

2- Remover for scleral contact lenses and prosthesis eye which is called DMV large scleral cup.

3- DMV Luma –Serter. This type of contact lens removal is mainly for people with poor vision. It can help them to remove and insert contact lenses. It is attached to light source or penlight which is disposable.

4- DMV magna mirror. It helps patient to inspect their own eyes to find dislodged contact lenses.



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