Soft Contact Lens Remover

Soft Contact Lens Remover

Soft Contact Lens Remover​





Contact lens remover is a special tool that helps people who have difficulties in contact lens removal.

Many people have difficulties in removing contact lenses especially hard contact lenses and they struggle all the time trying to remove them.

By traditional ways there are high risks to damage the contact lens and also you can accidentally scratch your cornea which is a serious issue.

There are two main types of contact lenses remover according to the type of contact lenses, either soft contact lenses remover or hard contact lenses remover.


Soft Contact Lenses Remover

DMV has special tool for soft lens removal and it is called DMV soft lens handler.It can be used by people who have rough hands or long finger nails.

It has special gripper pads that will help smoothly and safely to insert and remove soft contact lenses.

This type of remover can’t be used for hard contact lens removal.




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