Donate to Prevent Blindness

Donate to Prevent Blindness

Donate to Prevent Blindess




75% of all blindness is preventable or curable, yet many continue to live in darkness. Many studies showed that there is a direct connection between blindness and poverty. Blind people face difficulties finding a job and going to school, and blindness negatively impacts their contributions to society.

One of the leading causes of blindness is cataracts. A cataract is clouding the natural lens inside the eye, which is usually crystal clear. The clouding begins to affect vision and, if left untreated, can result in complete loss of sight. A cataract is easily curable; the clouded lens is removed and replaced with an artificial clear lens. Despite the simple procedure, many people, especially refugees with no access to national health care, can’t afford to pay for the surgery.

We are a group of doctors in Jordan who provide free eye surgeries, examinations and medications to those people in need. Jordan has a lot of refugees from Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Palestine. Jordan has more than two million Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA, and about 655,000 Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR. The vast majority of these refugees live in cities and towns instead of camps, which means they must find a way to pay for rent, transportation and medical treatments. Unfortunately, those people have no access to national health care; many can’t afford to pay for treatment and still rely on humanitarian assistance.


What Treatments we provide:


Cataract Eye Surgery

Retinal detachment surgery

Medical and surgical treatments for diabetic retinopathy

Squint surgeries

Medical and surgical treatment for glaucoma

Treatment of keratoconus

Medications after the surgeries

Follow up in the clinic


Please donate to our team so we can continue providing the best eye care for those in need.

We accept donation through Paypal

Donate to prevent blindness






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