Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes



It is hard for people with dry eyes to wear contact lenses and also people who wear contact lenses in a regular basis can complain of dryness and irritation. For some people, dry eyes from contact lenses can be the main reason to quit wearing contact lenses.


Why contact lenses wearers can have Dry Eyes?

1- Contact lens affects the tear flow on the cornea and oxygen diffusion to the cornea.

2- Contact lenses solutions which have preservatives can also play a role in dryness. It was found that people who use Preservative-free contact lens solution such as AOSEPT have less dry eyes symptoms that those with preservative solutions.

3- Type of the contact lens. Some types can minimize signs and symptoms of dry eye. Traditional soft contact lenses have 50-70% water in their content while silicon hydrogen contact lenses have 30%.



Although water content in soft are more than the new silicon lenses,traditional soft lenses cause dry eye more than silicon lenses because in dry environments, these lenses will lose their moisture and they absorb water from tears, leading to dry eyes while silicon lenses with less water content has a high moisture wetting agent which will provide a high wetting protection and smoothness of the lens even in bad environments.

4- Wearing contact lenses for a long time. Not all contact lenses are extended. A person who wears contact lenses for a long period has more dryness. It is advisable not to wear contact lens during sleep. Taking your contact lens off during night and cleaning it with suitable solution can help the lens to re-moisture the lens. Finding the right contact lenses for dry eyes is essential.

5- Extended contact lenses can be associated with more dryness than daily disposable lenses. With time, extended contact lenses can loss is moisture and smoothness and also deposits can accumulate on the lenses.



What are the Best Contact lenses for Dry Eyes ?


These are top 6 contact lenses that can work very well in patients with dry eyes.

1- Proclear Contacts.

This is the only Contact lenses that is approved by FDA for dry eyes.

2- Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses.

3- Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses and Acuvue Advance Plus Contact Lenses

4- Air Optix Night and Day Aqua Contact Lenses

These contact lenses for dry eyes are the first FDA approved to use up to 30 days without taking them out. You can sleep with them but it is advisable to take them off.

5- O2 Optix, manufacture by Ciba Vision.

6- Focus Dailies Lenses

These are daily disposable contact lenses for dry eyes with AquaComfort plus or AquaRelease technology. This technology activates moisture with each blink which keeps the lens wettable and comfortable to the patient.



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