New Oral Dry Eye Medication

New Oral Dry Eye Medication © 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology

New oral anti inflammatory drug can be used for dry eye treatment



CF101 is an oral A3 adenosine receptor agonist. It provides significant action as an anti inflammation. This oral medication can also work as an inhibition of tumnor necrosis factor and autoreactive T cell proliferation. It showed positive results in phase 2 clinical trial as a treatment for moderate to severe dry eyes.

This new oral dry eye medication showed safety profile and a long period of anti inflammatory action that can last for 18 months.

The main advantage of having an oral drug as a dry eye medication is a better patient compliance and also a long period of action which can reach up to 18 months.



During the phase 2 clinical trial, patients who were diagnosed with severe dry eyes and who were on CF101 showed:

1- Improvement of tear film breakup time.

2- Improvement of superficial punctate keratitis.

3- Improvement in Schirmer test.


Recently, enrollment for a phase 3 clinical study of CF101 as an oral dry eye medication was begun. 231 patients will be enrolled in the United States, Europe and Israel to receive CF101 or placebo, twice-daily for 24 weeks.



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