Prevention of Dry Eyes

Prevention of Dry Eyes

These are simple steps in Prevention of Dry Eyes by decreasing or preventing tear evaporation:



• Air blowing devices like hair dryers, car heaters, air conditioners or fans should be avoided to be directed towards your eye.

• In sunny days wear sun glasses.

• On windy days wear glasses. There are special styles of glasses which will help to reduce the effects of wind.

• Wear goggles while swimming.

• Add more moisture in the air. A humidifier can add moisture to dry indoor air especially in winter. With more moisture, there will be slowly evaporation of tears. Some people use special glasses which form a moisture chamber around the eye, creating additional humidity.



These glasses can be used at night, and it can be especially helpful for people who can not completely close their eyes during sleep. These glasses also can be worn during the day to relieve dry eye symptoms.

• Keep yourself hydrated all the time especially during hot, dry and windy weather because dehydration will worsen the condition. But the symptoms of dry eye syndrome may be improved by simply drinking more water.

• Try to decrease dusts and other air born particles by special designed air filters. Those dusts will worsen the symptoms of dry eyes.

• Try to blink especially When you performing tasks that require intense visual concentration like reading, using computers or watching TV.

• Avoid smoke. Smoke, whether yours or someone else, can contribute to dry eyes.

• Eat healthy diet rich in or take supplements containing vitamins like A,C ,E and Omega-3 fatty acids.

• Get plenty of sleep to keep your eyes healthy.



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