Treatment of Eye Floaters

Treatment of Eye Floaters

Treatment of Eye Floaters


Treatment of Eye Floaters depends mainly on the causes of it.


Natural causes like vitreous syneresis and posterior vitreous detachment

By brain adaptation, in which your brain will ignore the presence of these floaters and you will no long see them. Till now there are no eye drops or medications can be used to treat floaters that are caused by natural process. Another new way to treat this type of eye floaters is YAG laser Vitreolysis in which YAG laser can be used to vaporize most of the eye floaters inside the eye.


After Resolving uveitis and vitreous hemorrhage

By natural absorption process of the eye. Sometimes, not all of the vitreous hemorrhages or cells from uveitis can be cleared or absorbed from the vitreous and in this case the only way to treat that is with vitrectomy.



Active uveitis and intra-ocular infections

By treating the underlying causes with medications, either systemic medications or eye drops.



Vitrectomy means removing the whole vitreous body through surgical operation.

Vitrectomy is indicated in:

  • When there are large amounts of deposits or floaters in the vitreous that did not cleared with time or medications and these floaters affect the vision of the patient.

  • Sometimes after cataract surgery, small amount of cataract remnants can drop in the vitreous and they should be removed by vitrectomy.

  • Also we can use it to remove silicon oil droplets which can also be a cause of floaters in patients who had previous vitrectomy surgery with silicon oil.



Any one who noticed for the first time floaters alone or floaters with flashes of light or noticed sudden increase in the numbers and sizes of the floaters should seek medical advice as soon as possible to rule out retinal detachment and other acute ocular diseases.



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