How to Protect your Eyes from Harmful Light

How to Protect your Eyes from Harmful Light

How to Protect your Eyes from Harmful Light



Your eyes are precious; they are by far our most important sense that we rely on. In saying this, we still continue to expose them to great danger. One of the greatest dangers to our eyes is the sun. Not only can the sun’s powerful rays wreck havoc on our eyes’ health, it also has a negative impact on the eyes’ surrounding skin.

The sun can cause premature wrinkles and ageing around the eyes, and then there’s the more serious side effects such as a loss of vision, cataracts, and eyelid cancer. But it doesn’t need to end like this.

You can keep your eyes in good health and have young looking skin around the eyes for longer by following some simple daily strategies that will protect both your eyes and skin, but first, is it only the sun that’s hurting our eyes, or are we being exposed to more harmful light than we realize?

By far it’s the sun that does the most damage to our eyes. Ultraviolet A and B light are powerful and dangerously invisible. These harmful rays are the leading causes of cataracts and cancers related to the eye. And what about those eye wrinkles that are rearing their heads too early? Yes, that’s right the sun is also causing you to shrivel up prematurely, so you have to face the facts, they aren’t smile lines; they’re premature wrinkles from the sun!



Another light that causes that dreaded premature wrinkling around the eyes is blue light, which is a high-energy visible light. In the worst case scenarios, blue light can lead to cataracts and other serious eye problems.

Not only this, but if you’ve got fair skin, light-colored eyes, or of a certain age, your risk is much greater. While pale blue and green eyes are usually a blessing, they aren’t when it comes to light exposure. Lighter colored eyes have less protective pigment melanin, meaning you’ve got a greater risk of skin cancer.

In saying this, we’re all vulnerable to such eye problems caused by light, it’s not just about those with fair skin and eyes. The underlying moral of the story is that we need to look after ourselves better and protect our eyes on a daily basis, because these kinds of things don’t just happen overnight; the damage just keeps on accumulating until one day when it might just be too late! Once you have skin discoloration and wrinkles around the eyes they are more difficult to get rid of, but there are certainly some things you should be doing.

When it comes to being out the sun, you need to use your common sense. Do you want a tan for a few days and not worry about the side effects till later on down the line, or do you want to remain looking radiant and beautiful without any eye health concerns?

A good pair of sunglasses is an absolute must. You may think you look great in your bargain Jackie-O inspired sunglasses, but if they’re cheap, it’s likely the only thing they’re going to do is to make you look good for the moment! Wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses outside is essential, even when it’s overcast.



A good pair of sunglasses protects the eyes and the skin, so you can kill two birds with one stone – look good at all times and maintain your eye health. In the case of sunglasses, the old adage rings true, the bigger the better!

Other sensible sun rules also apply. Be smart and cover up, perhaps with a hat and use sunscreen liberally. Your sunscreen also acts as a good moisturizer, and you shouldn’t really leave home without it even when the skies look grey.

The more sensitive your skin is, the higher the risks of getting premature wrinkles and skin cancer around the eyes. You also need to pay more heed to what you’re telling your kids with regards to staying out of the sun during its hottest hours – in other words limit your sun exposure drastically, especially between 10am-4pm.

At the end of the day, your eyes are your windows to the world, and without them working in good order, everything’s going to get much darker. The moral of the story is, don’t underestimate the power of the sun and protect your eyes and its skin at all times!



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