Computer Eyeglasses

Computer Eyeglasses

Increase Office Productivity with the Right Pair of Computer Eyeglasses



Computer Eyeglasses are specifically designed to reduce the discomfort associated with long hours of work in front of the computer. They are different from regular reading and prescription glasses in the sense that they take into account the distance of the computer screen from the user.

In most cases, individuals who impart a large chunk of their time in front of the computer can suffer from a condition known as Computer Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

To alleviate these symptoms, computer glasses are especially recommended. The demand for computer glasses has risen after a university research has shown the productivity is increased significantly if a user is wearing eyewear specifically designed for working in front of a computer.


Single Vision Lens

The simplest type of computer glasses is made with single vision lenses. These lenses are designed to give the utmost comfort to the wearer when reading off his computer screen. They provide a large field of view and keep the object on the screen in focus. These lenses can help reduce blurred vision, back and neck pain caused by unnatural posture and eyestrain.



Occupation Progressive Lenses

Occupational progressive lens is another type of lens design for computer glasses. It corrects near, intermediate and sometimes, distance vision problems. It has a larger intermediate zone than regular reading glasses and this provides the wearer optimum comfort when reading from the computer. These lenses are only recommended for you to use with the computer and are strongly advised to refrain from using them for other purposes like driving.


Anti-reflective Tint

Anti-reflective coating is recommended to keep the reflections of your lenses from bouncing back to your eyes which may cause eyestrain. Doctors also agree that an anti-glare tint is needed by computer glasses to protect you from the harsh lighting that is usually found in most office environments.

It is best to schedule an exam with an eye professional if you plan to get fitted with computer glasses so you can get the most out of your computer eyewear.



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